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Need help with Medicare?

Summit Health is partnering with the trusted experts at Advise Insurance to offer our patients the Medicare support they need.


Get Ready for Medicare

One of the key benefits of turning 65 is becoming eligible for Medicare. You’ve paid into the Medicare program your entire working life—now it’s time to reap the rewards!

As you approach your 65th birthday, you probably have a few questions about Medicare. Summit Health has partnered with the experts at Advise Insurance to offer free resources that will help guide you on your Medicare journey.

Advise Insurance is also offering our patients free educational consultations on your Medicare options. During your consultation, an unbiased Advisor will compare all the different Medicare plans we participate in, answer your questions, and help you select and enroll in the best plan for your unique needs.

Making the right decisions about your Medicare coverage will help ensure you continue to get the healthcare you need from the doctor you trust.


View our educational seminar:

"Turning 65: How to Prepare for Medicare”

In this free virtual event, you’ll learn about the different parts of Medicare and how they work together to provide your healthcare coverage. You’ll also learn what your options are and when you need to enroll to ensure uninterrupted care. 


Download our free guidebook:

"Medicare 101: Your Complete Guide to Preparing for Medicare"

This helpful guidebook explains how Medicare works and describes your coverage options. It also includes frequently asked questions and handy timelines showing you the steps you should take as you approach your 65th birthday.


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Seminars designed for you.

With multiple seminars every month, we offer a number of opportunities for you to learn about your Medicare benefits.

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What's the Future of Medicare?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives – even Medicare. As COVID-19 continues to dominate much of today’s conversation, many Americans wonder what the pandemic means for the future of their healthcare. For many older Americans, navigating the many Medicare plan options only adds to the confusion. We’re here to help provide some clarity. 

Summit Health invites you to watch a recording of this exclusive virtual event to get valuable insight on some of today’s larger Medicare questions from industry experts. Our very own CEO Dr. Jeffrey Le Benger in conversation with Dr. Jack Cappitelli, Chief Medical Officer, New Jersey, and Dr. Jamie Reedy, Chief of Population Health, will discuss healthcare issues and Medicare trends from a state and local perspective. 


Questions? Call (732) 860-2105 or email seminarhelp@AdviseInsurance.com

Find the right plan for you.

We want to make finding the best Medicare plan for your healthcare needs as simple as possible. We have partnered with Advise to help you understand all your options and feel empowered to make the best decision for you. 

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Making sense of Medicare together.

Individual Consultations

Get help identifying and enrolling in the best plan for your needs.

Educational Seminars

Learn about Medicare, including the different types of plans and how they work.

Ongoing Support

Get answers to your Medicare questions and individual assistance year-round.